Video Conferencing (VC)

Video Conferencing is now an essential tool for many organisations. At OPPO we provide a range of solutions from individual desktop units to fully immersive Telepresence suites. Our bespoke reporting packages allow you to accurately capture utilisation and performance and deliver all the metrics required to demonstrate a comprehensive return on investment. OPPO works closely with all the main Telepresence providers and will advise on all aspects of system adoption to ensure we meet your expectations.


Immersive Telepresence is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Video Conferencing technology. Taking the video experience to a new level these dedicated rooms allow the participants to feel as though they are all in the same location allowing them to focus on proceedings rather than the technology. From a user perspective it is as easy to use as standard video technology and can be integrated into the wider estate for collaborative use.

Room Based Systems

Video Conferencing Room Based Systems can be installed into existing office spaces or meeting rooms. The room based systems can extend the productivity and benefits of face to face meetings reducing the need to travel. Combining Video Conferencing and integrated control systems provide an easy to use and exceptional virtual meeting experience. Smart technology allows audio, video and lighting management at the touch of a button.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management Centres

Emergency Response and Crisis Management Centres are typically a fully integrated collaboration room which will have a higher level of resilience than a standard room and include configurations items such as incident tracking boards, live TV news streams and dedicated desktop positions for incident response team members. We will work closely with you to identify specific requirements that support your business continuity planning and design a solution that meets your business needs.

VC Infrastructure

Video Conference Infrastructure enables simultaneous multipoint Video Conferencing. The infrastructure is the unifying hub within the unified communications environment that enables organisations to host and schedule multiple Video Conferences simultaneously across multiple connections. Infrastructure solutions are ideal for large scale Video Conferencing facilities that contain many room conferencing/desktop Video Conferencing systems.

Collaboration and Control Rooms

Collaboration and Control Rooms combine Video Conferencing, content and document sharing. There are a wide variety amount of toolsets available in this area from interactive whiteboards to high definition hazardous area and medical cameras. Taking the latest technology solutions, customising and integrating them to deliver specific functionality for the client. We will work closely with you to identify and establish all of your collaborative needs.

Destop / Mobile Conference

Desktop and Mobile Conferencing provides an ideal solution for organisations that do not require dedicated Video Conference rooms. They bring High Definition Video Conferencing to all users in the organisation. A wide range of dedicated devices can be utilised from video phones, integrated screens, laptops or mobile devices. Like the room based system, the desktop conference solution delivers advanced features and applications that improve productivity and integrate into an array of unified communications environments.

Support Managed Service

With all significant investment, it is essential that we maximise the benefits and capabilities whilst ensuring that the end user experience fulfils all of the business requirements. We therefore recommend a fully managed video service that ensures you get an exceptional video experience every time, whether you’re using Telepresence, boardroom systems, desktop video or operational centres of excellence.