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  • Meeting Rooms

    Make Meetings Quick And Easy With A Unified Solution.

Meet smarter.

Our meeting room technology solutions allow teams to find spaces, quickly start meetings and collaborate seamlessly.

Creating the right environment for teams to meet and collaborate has never been more important. We work with you to leverage technology solutions that allow your teams to meet more effectively and improve outcomes, both locally and remotely.

Get in the right space.

Our room booking systems integrate with Exchange so that meeting spaces are accessed and managed effectively.

Whether it’s a meeting scheduled from Outlook or happening on the fly, our room booking systems allow your knowledge workers to easily see room availability, find the right space and run meetings on schedule.


Search for rooms by availability and type.


Easily check-in and extend bookings.


Powerful utilization reporting to inform management of spaces.

Start faster.

Get meetings up and running in seconds.

Our integrated audiovisual and collaboration solutions allow you to automate meeting rooms for instant startup. So teams can start sharing content and working on solutions without wasting time configuring and operating technology.

Plug and play.

Turn on systems just by connecting a laptop.

Motion detection.

Ready to go by the time you sit down.

Integrate everything.

From AV to lighting and blinds with a single touch.

Easy sharing.

Our digital display and presentation systems let teams share content in seconds.

With simple flat panel LED displays, we can help your teams share visual information simply and reliably. With flexible connectivity options including wireless presentation, you can ensure that teams work together effectively without wasting time finding cables.

Visual collaboration

Everyone can connect and contribute

Flexible presentations

Connectivity options for any laptop or device.

Tidy spaces

No cable mess on tables or floors.

Dive deeper.

Enhance collaboration with SMART Boards and interactive touch screen displays.

From unbound digital whiteboarding to annotating PowerPoint & PDF, our SMART Board and interactive display solutions let you interact naturally and seamlessly with digital content. Mobile systems let you reconfigure huddle spaces on the fly, with a full suite of connectivity features.


Interact naturally with digital content.


Write over any app or document. Share.


Share your files, whiteboard or screen in real time.

Team communication

Leverage video conferencing, Teams any unified communications platform to connect remote teams.

Using our unified communications MS Teams solutions, your teams can seamlessly connect and work on digital content from anywhere in the world. Because we partner with all of the leading vendors, we can help you pick the best MS Teams system for your informal meeting and huddle spaces.

Audio conferencing.

Teams and SIP audio conferencing.

Video conferencing.

Meet face-to-face on the fly, or just book it from outlook.

Content collaboration.

Work on documents with remote teams.

Complete solutions.

We work with you to design, deploy and support your huddle space collaboration solutions.