Project Management & Implementation

Superiority of our services

Exert potential by IT strategies

OPPO prioritizes all the coordinated projects and tasks based on customer orientation, which to develop a business flexibly. As we all know, focusing on results and flexibility are the most important elements of this rapidly changing market. Therefore, we put the customer’s needs in the primary planning process of the project, so as to maximize the ability of our clients.

Prepare in advance for IT accidents

In order to regularly predict and prevent IT system incidents, OPPO relies on extensive experience and PMBOK systematic management, while planning contingency measures and data recovery methods. In addition, we value every business opportunity with our customers, thats why we provide a variety of efficient solutions to minimize the negative influences of their IT system failures.

Clear execution and reliability

As we have a standardized scheme and the right to execute the projects directly, we ensure that costs are minimized and the project progress is pragmatically predicted. We are committed to maintaining control and monitoring project progress, also assisting in business development and cost-effectiveness under the supervision of executives.

Gain dominant position for our clients

Serving resources effectively

We are glad to help our users to invest wisely while maintaining stable resource allocation and efficient IT system operations. We cherish every resource we throw in, and strive to achieve the highest IT efficiency under a reasonable configuration, so as to achieve technical improvements in IT systems and to solve problems more effectively.

Strengthen business continuity and operational stability

We advocate a regular monitoring and health checks for IT systems, which may minimize the occurrence of failures and the negative effects of incidents. Furthermore, we developed various prevention strategies that can eliminate the possibility of accidents.

Resources and capabilities

OPPO reserve resources and capabilities for customers, which helps them to focus on the expansion of their own business. We provide several recommendations for clients to use the right resources and capabilities to perform efficient and reliable IT projects. As a result, we guarantee the projects can be implemented smoothly and stably.