• Board Rooms

    Integrated Audio Visual Solutions For Executive Spaces.

Executive meetings made easy.

Our boardroom solutions simplify impactful presentation and premium grade conferencing for executive groups

Your board room is where critical decisions are made and your most important presentations are delivered. Our integrated solutions ensure that board room meetings start and run on schedule, with hassle-free audio visual technology that works every time.

Inform critical decisions.

Our boardroom display solutions let you visualise complex data with clarity to inform the decision making process.

Whether it’s projection or flat panel LED displays, we can tailor a bespoke visual solution to ensure your business data can be displayed and reviewed with optimal clarity. Present from a single device, or compare data from multiple sources side by side. Simple, cable-free presentation options eliminate clutter and streamline your board room meetings.

Crystal clear.

Bright and sharp LED flat panels and laser projection.


Cable-free presentation from any laptop or device.


Displays and projectors can retract into joinery when not in use.

Make every second count.

Your time is a non-renewable resource. We help you make sure its not wasted.

By fully automating your board room space, we can ensure systems are readily available, with audio visual technology turned on and ready to go by the time attendees are seated. No more wasted time waiting for equipment to warm up, or trying to find the right cable. Our solutions offer instant connectivity and one touch operation.

Plug and play.

Turn on systems just by connecting a laptop.

Motion detection.

Ready to go by the time you sit down.

Integrate everything.

From AV to lighting and blinds with a single touch.

Guarantee reliability.

We combine enterprise-grade hardware with pro-active monitoring & service solutions to ensure the availability of your audio visual environment.

Your critical spaces need to be available at all times. To ensure this, we specify proven technology solutions that allow for automated alerts, remote monitoring and remote access for support. Combined with a Unified services package that offers same day SLA’s, hot-swap equipment and scheduled preventative maintenance, we can ensure that your board room technology is always working when you need it.

Live monitoring.

Real-time visibility of system status.

Instant support.

Remote access for operation and support.

Comprehensive service.

Complete coverage ensures optimal uptime.

Go global.

Extend your board room meetings to anywhere on the planet by leveraging our telepresence and unified communications solutions.

Using our unified communications, videoconferencing, and telepresence solutions, your teams can seamlessly connect and work on digital content from anywhere in the world. Because we partner with all of the leading vendors, we can ensure your solution meets global standards.

Audio conferencing.

Teams and SIP audio conferencing.

Video conferencing.

Meet face-to-face on the fly, or just book it from outlook.

Content collaboration.

Work on documents with remote teams.

Complete solutions.

We work with you to design, deploy and support your collaboration solutions.