IT Consolidation and Virtualization

Virtualization technology is rapidly transforming the computing landscape by helping IT organizations to significantly increase resource utilization, lower the Total Cost of Ownership of IT infrastructure and minimize the data center energy consumption & footprint. It provides a new level of flexibility and efficiency for implementation of complex activities like data backup and recovery; disaster recovery; server provisioning and centralized management of applications and IT resources to meet business compliance and regulatory requirements.

OPPO’s IT Virtualization solutions cover the entire solution life cycle services you will need in implementing your virtual infrastructure . These include :

– Comprehensive assessment to determine feasibility, objectives, scope and roadmap of a virtualization project
– full scale physical-to-virtual application migration
– high availability and disaster recovery solutions
– back up solutions
– security management solutions
– training workshops and ongoing support

IT Consolidation and Virtualization

Advantages of VDI Technology

The innovative VDI desktop cloud solution, through the front-end/back-end, software-hardware integration, makes desktop more smooth, stable, secured and efficient.


  • High Availability: Provide uninterrupted desktop services via HA desktop architecture
  • High Reliability: Data is in reliable storage to avoid the risk of data loss caused by disk/host failure


  • Secure Access: Multiple authentication methods can be freely combined to meet the security access requirements of different levels of users (regular employees, leaders, etc.)
  • Total Security: Provide end-to-end security mechanisms to ensure overall security of desktop cloud platform
  • Audit: All document export & screenshots can be auditted

Application Virtualization

  • Provides constant, secure access to business systems for branches, traveling employees or remote workers, taking organizations to the next level of productivity by enabling restriction and control of data storage on local devices, supplying secure, authenticated and 24/7 access to business-critical applications. Multi-platform support (i.e. thin client, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android)