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Microsoft Copilot

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Microsoft Word

Copilot in Word will collaborate with you in writing, editing, summarizing, providing suggestions, and creating content, from business proposals to article summaries and speeches.

Example Input: Prepare a summary for @(file name).

Microsoft PowerPoint

With simple commands, Copilot can convert existing Word documents or outlines into presentations, providing speaker notes and even estimating the speech time.

Example Input: Create a presentation on the benefits of using Microsoft Copilot.

Microsoft Excel

Copilot integrates data in Excel, providing you with the desired results directly, eliminating the need to input formulas to search or calculate data. It can also generate various charts, making tasks easier to complete.

Example  Input: Analyze the company's profit data for the first half of the year.

Microsoft Outlook

Copilot assists you in drafting emails, summarizing conversations, and capturing important discussions.

Example Input: What are the key points of this email?

Microsoft Teams

Using advanced audio and video detection and understanding technology, Copilot can organize meeting highlights and analyze content, helping absent users obtain meeting information.

Example Input: List the key points of the meeting.

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