Command & Control

Our team has extensive experience in the design, installation and support of professional display technologies and management systems for monitoring, networked operation centres and command & control room applications. 

We source and recommend the latest products from the world’s leading manufacturers, including professional plasma and LCD monitors, rear projection display cubes, projectors and peripherals with switching distribution and control networks featuring AMX, Crestron, Procon and Extron. We can build a display wall to any size or configuration you require and display a combination of CCTV images, broadcast TV feeds and computer graphics in real time.

Video Wall Processing

Video wall processors provide the intelligence to integrate and control the multiple external sources that are displayed on a video wall within a control room or command centre environment. The controllers accommodate for all types of display inputs from analogue to digital to IP. The processors are both powerful and cost effective whilst providing a simple to operate user interface.

IP Camera Integration

A fundamental element to a control and command centre application is the integration of CCTV surveillance systems. The video wall processors enable the seamless control and integration of many of the latest IP cameras with full PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) functionality. Legacy CCTV cameras and systems can be easily incorporated into the IP infrastructure using encoders that digitise the analogue signals.

Video Walls

A video wall typically comprises of numerous flat screen displays tiled together to form one large screen. LCD/LED panels and rear projection cubes are the standard forms of visual technology to create the walls. These screens are specifically designed for use in video walls and have ultra narrow bezels to minimize mullion (the gap between the active display areas) giving an almost seamless appearance. Typical applications for video walls include networked operation centres and command & control room applications.